I got sidetracked by one of those dumb sidebar things: SHOCKING SECRETS ABOUT MR. ROGERS! I was like WUT *click*


The SHOCKING SECRETS turned out to be

1) He was really nice. Everyone in the world loved him.
2) He gave away full-sized candy bars for Halloween, not those tiny “fun size” things
3) He was a pilot
4) He was religious, but never mentioned it in public because he thought it a private matter
5) Koko the gorilla, like everyone else in the world, loved him
6) He wrote all the songs on his show
7) He talked about tough issues like divorce and crime on his show because that’s a part of life for children too
8) His worst curse word was “Mercy!”
9) He played a pastor on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”
10) Johnny Carson liked to poke gentle fun at his persona
11) Michael Keaton got his start in showbiz on his show, as a puppeteer
12) Eddie Murphy, like everyone else in the world, loved him
and my favorite
13) He loved to swim and swam every morning.

Illustration for article titled SHOCKING SECRETS!

(This pic is of the pool at Carnegie-Mellon, where I saw him once after one of his morning swims.)


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