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Goodbye, old friend

So, for six years now I’ve had an internet home. A place to share my dumb musings about my cats, about baking, about gummi candy and politics and science. It’s been a source of great joy in my life. I’ve had GTfolk on my foldout countless times, I’ve shared holiday turkeys with GTfolk, I’ve baked them bread when they came with duck fat, we have heard the chimes at midnight.

And then yesterday I get this cryptic email telling me that there have been “complaints about my demeanor,” and I’m being removed from being able to post. No more Project Breadway, no more gummi, no more inane chatty posts at 2 am.


No more explanation than that: “Complaints about my demeanor.”

GT has changed around me, I think. Back when I was pulling mod duty it never would have occurred to me to delete voices that didn’t march in lockstep. An open forum was, as the title implied, an open forum. People you disagreed with, well, they might bug you, but you didn’t really think it a noble goal to silence them.


Different now. So I need some distance, for my own mental health’s sake. When you’re this invested in an online forum, it’s a sure sign that things are out of balance.

Thanks for six great years, dear GT friends. You guys have been the best. Made me laugh when my dad was in his end days, drank wine with me when no one else was around, held me up through spells of depression, unemployment, and the various hard times that life throws at all of us. Through it all, you guys were there for me. I owe you a debt that’s impossible to calculate.


I love you, and I thank you, every last one of you, even the cranky ones. And I will miss you more than you know.

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