I'm both sad and curious to see what he'll get up to with a much wider, less niche audience. Some part of me worries that Stephen Colbert, another talk show host, won't be nearly as compelling or useful as "Stephen Colbert," but benefit of the doubt. He's surprised me before. » 12/18/14 11:33pm Yesterday 11:33pm

I have bppv too, and it comes and goes. I assume someone's shown you the two "maneuvers" that can sometimes help? Like, shift those inner ear "stones" that build up? They worked for me occasionally, but not reliably. Probably more a pychological feeling of just doing something. In my case, it does go away eventually.… » 12/16/14 2:53am Tuesday 2:53am

It was intermission at BAM. I raced to get into the line for the men's room. A guy in a tux was right behind me. We waited. Two urinals opened up at once, I took the left one, he took the right. I glanced over, breaking the "always stare straight ahead" unspoken urinal dude rule. It was Richard Gere. He noticed that I… » 12/14/14 2:37pm Sunday 2:37pm

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